• Lee Erickson home on Evergreen Highway.

    • Bud Anderson and Frank DuPuis squared off in Gus Purvis' poolroom.

    • Central High School 1904

    • Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce 1963

    • 1902 Yacolt Burn

    • Vancouver Police Department 1955

    • Arthur W. Calder dressed in a prune bag during Prune Festival.

    • 1923 Prune Festival Queen Mary Pierce

    • Battle Ground Lake 1949

    • Vancouver waterfront park 1968

    • Baptist Church in Battle Ground 1907

      Baptisms take place in creek behind Battle Ground Baptist Church 1907.

    • Welcome to Vancouver 1974

      Welcome to Vancouver 1974

    • Interstate 5 Bridge Ribbon Cutting 1917

    • Cedar Creek School 1899

    • James J. Hill and John P. Kiggins

    • Battle Ground, Washington

    • I-205 Bridge ready

    • Hidden Brick Company

    • Pearson Air Field

    • Lewis and Clark

  • April 1st
    Way back in the spring of 1899, when schools were unjammed, each student knew everyone else in school, shoes were unnecessary and PTA's were unknown, the students and teacher of Cedar Creek School, District 66, Clark County, lined up for this photograph.
  • April 30th
    George Barton Simpson, who opened a law office in Vancouver in 1907 and went on to become chief justice of the Washington State Supreme Court, was a man who never could seem to do enough for his community.
  • April 24th
    Louisa Wright was a feminist trailblazer in an era when women were supposed to stay in the kitchen while men made the important decisions.
  • April 24th
    Wood, a lifelong resident of Vancouver, was mortally wounded Sunday morning, May 22, 1927, as he led a raiding party on a bootlegging still in the Dole Valley area of north-central Clark County. His death came less than seven months after his election in a stormy campaign that involved the Ku Klux Klan.
  • April 24th
    Parlaying a natural talent for drawing into a national reputation, Basil Wolverton became one of the best-known men in the field of cartooning.
  • April 24th
    An only-in-America, rags-to-riches tale is the story of Morris Wolf, a poor immigrant from Europe who worked hard and found success in Clark County.
  • April 24th
    Wiswall served three terms in the Washington House of Representatives. He first was elected from Vancouver in 1932 on the Democratic ticket and was re-elected in 1934 and 1936.
  • April 24th
    To those who knew her, the name Ella Wintler conjures up a picture of a fiesty little lady of pioneer stock who enjoyed a good fight with her Democratic opponents in Olympia.
  • April 24th
    It was the most celebrated murder case in Clark County history. Before Turman and Utah Wilson went to their deaths on the gallows at Walla Walla a few minutes after midnight Jan. 3, 1953, the two brothers from Camas had their executions post-poned more than any other condemned men in state history.
  • April 24th
    When any definitive history of Clark County is written, the story of Gearshum and Sarah Van Atta is certain to take up several pages.
  • April 24th
    Capt. William H. Troup, born in London in 1828, worked on the Pacific Mail Co. route between Panama and San Fransico in 1850, when gold miners were swarming to California.