Just click on one of the names below to read about one of our many interesting people from the past. Compiled from The Columbian’s newspaper archives.

Thomas Anderson

Al Angelo

William R. and Sarah Jane Anderson

Luther Baker

Henry J. Biddle

Charles Kay Bishop

Blair family

John B. Blanchet

Nathaniel H. Bloomfield

John Blurock

Milton Bona

Bratlie Brothers

Fritz Braun Sr.

John Brougher

Eva King Burgett

Carl A. Button

John F. Camp Sr.

Herbert Campbell

Caples family

Joseph Carter

Carty family

Chief Red Heart

L.B. Clough

D.B. Cooper

Peter Crawford

Ira Cresap

Daly, Dickson families

Michael Damphoffer Sr

Daniels family

Dale Denny

Basil Dhanens

Isaac Dietderich

Dollar family

DuBois family

J.E.C. Durgan

Joseph Eaton

Elwell family

Charles Farrell

E.W. & Mary Firstenburg

Fisher family

Edward L. French

John D. Geoghagen

Goddard family

Hall family

Ralph Wesley Hanna

Hathaway family

Alex Heisen

Henrichsen family

Hidden family

Higdon family

Day Hilborn

Larry Hobbs

Patrick Hough

George Hutton

John Jaggy

Mother Joseph

Edgar F. Kaiser

John Kiggins

Hulda Klager

Harry B. Klineline

Jesse M. Langsdorf

Carl Landerholm

Frederick W. Leadbetter

Anna Leverich

Lieser family

Kong Loy

Luepke family

Aeneas MacMaster

George C. Marshall

Austin McCoy

Clarence S. McKay

Dr. John McLoughlin

Heye Meyer

C.J. Moss

Melvin J. Murdock

Giovanni Natta

Mr. & Mrs. John Nolan

Peter Onsdorff

Padden family

Ole Peterson

Proebstel brothers

George Propstra

Jacob Propstra

Glenn Ranck

David L. Russell

Eva Santee

W.D. Sappington

Seth N. and John Secrist

Amos F. Shaw

B.F. Shaw

Mary Schofield

Frederick Shobert

Charles Shumway

Amos & Esther Short

George Barton Simpson

Charles W. Slocum

Sherman Smith

Louis Sohns

Marshall Sparks

Matthias Spurgeon

Doran H. Stearns

Wilmer Swank

George Lee Tarbell

Charles Thayer

Tracy and Merrill

Troup family

Gearshum and Sarah Van Atta

Wilson brothers

Ella Wintler

Robert Davis Wiswall

Morris Wolf

Basil Wolverton

Lester Wood

Louisa Wright

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