Carl Landerholm

Most of Carl Landerholm’s career was in education, but he is best known for his historical work.

Landerholm compiled “Vancouver Area Chronology 1784 — 1958.” He also gathered many local newspaper stories and items into several volumes titled “Cayuse to Cadillac,” and collected other material that is still used by today’s researchers at Fort Vancouver Regional Library. And the Vancouver man edited “Notices of Voyages of the Famed Quebec Mission to the Pacific Northwest.”
Landerholm was born in Portland in 1885 and moved with his family to this county in 1887. He was a 1913 graduate of Harvard University and got a master’s degree at the University of Oregon.

In 1902, Landerholm started his teaching career at Hall, on the Lewis River. He later was principal and superintendent of a number of schools in the area in a career of nearly 40 years ending in 1947.

Landerholm assembled his Vancouver chronology from 1956 to 1959. He did this “to save people hundred of hours in looking up things.” He recognized the need for such a volume while assisting part time in research at the Vancouver library after his retirement from education.

Landholm died in 1961 at the age of 76.

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