Day Hilborn

The Clark County Courthouse and variety of business buildings and homes are testimony to the abilities of architect Day Hilborn, who died in 1971.

Hilborn was a Centralia High School and Washington State University graduate who moved from Centralia to Vancouver in the late 1920s.

Among Hilborn’s projects were the old City Hall at Eighth and Washington streets, the Kiggins and Broadway theaters, First United Methodist Church, The Columbian building and Vancouver Federal Savings and Loan.

Hilborn also designed Vancouver homes, and some of his work was completed in other parts of the Pacific Northwest.

Vancouver architect Jim Dolle started his career in Hilborn’s office. He worked for Hilborn from 1956 to 1962. Hilborn’s office was in the Central building at 1208 Main St., and Arts Building at 11041 1/43 Main St., and later in the 300 block of East Evergreen Blvd.

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